Development Report

Originally, this game was solely being developed by me, Tiko. As big as the game is planned to be, it can be fairly daunting for one person to develop all of it alone. To speed up the process and ensure more quality, I have brought another programmer into the mix, and END is officially being developed by a team of two. He is reworking a lot of the code and optimizing it to be the best it can be. It would be an understatement to say that I am extremely excited for what is to come. I will be mainly working on visual aspects of the game, along with helping with unity sided tasks. We will both be collaborating on the general game design, and story/world building. 

The bad news is, as exciting as this all is, the next update will be expected later than before. It will be very worth the wait though, as everything will be MUCH more stable and bug-free. We hope to keep you all interested and entertained until the end. Thank you.

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